नमस्कार! Hello!

Hi Reader. My name is Aali Pant. That is all I can say about my identity here as I do not want to define myself on the basis of the work that I do, my education, my family or for that matter anything other than my “self”. Writing my random thoughts and preserving them to make some memories down the line, is something I have always enjoyed. I remember when I was in Standard VII, my English teacher once inspired us to write a post in our diary every night. That one single advise has lead to the compilation of so many memories, a visual proof of my gradual evolution as a human, the shift of my priorities over the time from school to college to my present. All those diaries hold me, my childhood, my dreams, my pranks, my friends, my family, my love and my fears.

This blog is also an attempt to create an online platform that witnesses my thoughts regarding random things which seem important to me at that particular moment. Important enough that I have to keep them safe, treasure them and also showcase them.

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