Dreams: From Jungle to Mangal

Once upon a time in the deep woods of Badri, there lived a dweller named Roma. The dweller would go wherever she could think of. She would embellish herself up with freshly picked flowers.

She had heard of a boy named Mowgli. Mowgli was a brave young lad who lived in the company of animals and would use a boomerang for hunting. Our dweller liked the idea and thought of keeping a tool like boomerang with her too. Roma searched into the depth of forests for her weapon but could not come up with one even by the end of the day. Tired Roma fell asleep under a tree. At night she heard the growl of wolves from some place around. Unprepared as she was, Roma picked two stones and struck them against one another so as to scare the wolves with its sound. But striking the stones lead to a glowing spark and the dry stick which she had used in the day to clear route, suddenly ignited. The wolves were caught at surprise and ran away for their life. Roma realised that she has found her boomerang in stones and dry wood.

Life was going well. But as time passed Roma did not like the idea of dwelling forever and wanted to settle at a place. She made a small house and started gardening there. She no more had to hunt with her stick and fire anymore. She would cook the vegetables from her kitchen garden and enjoy. Soon the vegetables outgrew the appetite of Roma. So she thought of selling the vegetables and became a vegetable vendor.

Roma would now wear full clothes to protect herself from sun and would sell the vegetables at the nearby village. This new job filled her with joy. People were happy with the variety of vegetables Roma was selling. Soon Roma made a lot of money from the vegetable business. Now she wanted to further expand her horizons. Roma who had successfully discovered fire, importance of woods, gardening etc all by herself now ventured into cooking meals for others. She read that in the city the expert cooks are called chef and she wanted to be one. Day by day she tried more and more of the different combinations of spices, herbs etc in her kitchen garden produce. Soon Roma started her own restaurant and the word of it spread like wildfire.

People were very proud of Roma’s journey so far. They knew she has a long way to go and inspire more people with her hardwork and determination. Word is that these days there are so many people who want to take a selfie with her who is a role model for them. And while people smile at the picture, Roma continues to think of what her next venture should be. She is open for suggestions.

Roma with one of her many fans


  1. O.wow…what a legendary journey of Roma and how beautifully encrypted.Thanks a ton for it Aali mausi


  2. I realize Roma is nothing less than a miracle girl with a generous heart who is always willing to serve others. I wonder how great would it be if Roma helps build dreams of other girls just like hers.


  3. Roma has lot of hidden talent it seems. A cute little hard working entrepreneur. Nice and thanks Aali for sharing her success story.


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