Better Late Than Never

We were in school at Nainital when the team of the movie Koi Mil Gaya had come there for shooting. The mighty hunk Hrithik Roshan and beautiful Preity Zinta were in our small town and people went berserk over it. There was huge crowd pulling at every location the stars went. However I for one remember my exact thoughts about this whole event. We were being taught human anatomy by our biology teacher those days of which I was very fascinated being a hypochondriac that I am. So regarding the fervor of Hrithik Roshan I wondered when he and me both have a stomach, liver, intestines etc why should I go to see him just because he is a star and dancing on the streets. Till this date I am not sure of this idea of mine then, but I am sure that I have always been critical about popular beliefs and mass frenzy things, particularly when it comes to entertainment.

The decision regarding not being able to see Hrithik Roshan does not bother me at all, but yes there have been similar many such decisions I have made due to my bias against popular beliefs. For instance, I never read Harry Potter series only because everyone was either reading it or had read it. On the other hand when I got the chance in Pantnagar Library, I read Lord of the Rings there with a big map of Middle Earth pasted on my hostel wall on which I would mark to see how close was Frodo to Mordor, probably because I love LOTR the movie and also because reading the book was not a cult as it was reading Harry Potter. But alas, how wrong had I been in not going through this interesting book.

It was only yesterday that I finally thought of exploring Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and could only marvel at the creative writing of J. K. Rowling. The world she built, the games, the wardrobe, the architecture, the interior decoration, the spells and everything else is beautiful. I would not compare LOTR with Harry Potter, but this book has a genuine softness with it. Unlike the Hobbits who were short yet grown up men, the characters here are 11-12 year old kids. Reading this book brought along with it the comfort of a soft pillow against which you can lie and look at the clouds while imagining them to be from dogs to dragons.

I wish I had read it back in school. But I am glad I read it now. I think it is time for me to watch Inception anytime soon now as that has also been kept aside in my judgmental shelf titled “Popular so Abandoned”.

भटकती रही यूँ ही हर बन्दगी 

मिली न कहीं से कोई रौशनी

छुपा था कहीं भीड़ में आदमी

हुआ मुझमें रौशन ख़ुदा देर से

निदा फ़ाज़ली


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