Unnecessarily Inquisitive

There are some things thar have been annoying me since quite sometime. As per the popular belief, the Indian society of ours as we take pride in calling it, is “assumed” to be for each other. Each one is “concerned” about one another. “वासुदेव कुटुबंकम” etc etc. However I think today these are more of fancy dialogues, fit to embellish an essay and nothing more.

This year of mine was supposed to be a life changer. But everything got messed up and not one thing ran as per the plan. This has not been easy for me. And although ‘mental health’ has been made an infamous word lately, the same has been a challenge for me to keep sane. No one likes to live in uncertainty. The thrill of adventures are best enjoyed only at an amusement park. But if situations come in your way you need to face them as they are because until you have not been clean bowled you need to play every yorker life throws at you. So that’s what I have been doing, infact quite efficiently. But then when already things are bizzare and not in your favor, there comes the so called “concerned” society to make matters worse. This society has been of no help to me to survive my ordeal but rather has always been poking the half healed bruises of failed or upheld plans, with their inquisitive queries. Questions to which you know you have no answer and sadly questions to which even this society knows you have no answer are asked repeatedly in person, on phone, through messages etc. I wonder what good does it do to the questioner to listen to an answer such as “I don’t know” or “Let’s see what happens”.

So the next time you ask someone questions that you may think might do more harm than good, try to step back. You may have good intentions, but most of the time you look nothing more than a sadist.


  1. These are just traps by socially weak people to drag your joyous self down.. So always stay away from them. You are gem which will always glitter. And these moments of indecisiveness comes to make us stronger and later when it’s over you will turn out to be a winner from inside. So Cheer up and let corona pass away.

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