Novel Interests in Novel Coronavirus Times

Having attended a birding camp in January, followed by reading books of Indian conservationists such as Salim Ali and Prerna Singh Bindra, and having identified 66 birds as of today from the roof of my residence, my love for nature has only grown manifolds this year (2020). In the last few months I have become a lot more accepting to all forms of life who although have been disturbed by human population, still have managed to pave the route of their existence around humans. Ranging from the sparrows, sunbirds and bulbuls that are constantly around the ventilators, to the scaly breasted munia couple that have built their nest in our kitchen exhaust fan and laid their eggs that have hatched now, I literally allow all these life forms to just be the way they want and adjust myself according to them. The newest amongst this gang of creatures around me are the caterpillars, who have been munching on the sada-bahar plants (Catharanthus roseus) in our garden and flower pots. Since I had never seen a caterpillar grow into a butterfly, I decided to study one of these caterpillars through my lens every day. Below are the pictures of Mr. /Ms. Catty. See and enjoy for yourself.

Day 1: Catty feeding on sada-bahaar. The feeding continued for 2 days I think.
Day 2: Catty’s color and texture both changed.
Day 3: The metamorphosis of Catty begun.
Day 4: The shell became more deep in color
Day 5: Catty would flicker once in a while. The color became more solid.
Day 6: Not much of a visual change that I could make
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10
Day 11
Day 12
Day 13 Morning: Catty’s shell became prominently dark. The same condition remained till afternoon.
Day 13 Evening: Catty’s shell was leaking and it made its way out of the shell. The big moment had come.
Day 13 Evening: Catty “hatched” to become a beautiful green butterfly the name of which I have yet to find out.
Day 13 Night: Catty has finally been transferred back to its original habitat, the sada-bahaar plant.

By tomorrow morning Catty might be flying and would never return here. It was beautiful seeing this guy grow from nibbling plant leaves to feeding on the nectar of flowers. Long struggle but a sweet end. Good luck Catty. I will miss you.


  1. Wow Aali Di but pata ni ye moth jaisi lag ri hai shayad. But anyways nice metamorphosis process documented!


    1. Mani ye actually mein Indian green moth hi hai. I was too excited seeing it, that didn’t realize I should google about it first before posting. Haha


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