The Miracle called Water

What is meditation? You sit in silence, observe your breath, the cycle of smooth deep inhale and slow exhales. You focus further and notice the slight pause before the inhale followed by one right before the in-breath converts into an out-breath. Sitting in silence allows us to note these tiny details of our body and in turn still our mind, making us calm and composed. Staying at home these days is also like a meditation class. I overthink, then get overwhelmed, then observe my mind playing hopscotch, and slowly control it. This process makes me more alert towards my surroundings and the little things happening around.

The alertness becomes even more pronounced during weekends. Friday evenings are when I look forward to the creative or lately the school project enthusiasts person in me. Be it observing a caterpillar grow up to become a moth, or a wasp making its nest, or the scaly breasted Munia feeding it’s chicks, it all starts on a Friday. So this weekend, when I was watering our exhausted plants in the evening, I thought of capturing the moment when the plants realise that their guts have been drenched with water and the exhaustion caused by day long exposure to Sun is over. I built a make-shift arrangement of a tripod with bricks for my mobile, placed an exhausted Tulsi (Basil) plant and clicked it’s pictures before watering and immediately after watering for 30 minutes. And here is the result which I found beautiful.


So the next time you are under stress, have some water, let it sink in silence and see the magic. We may not be very different from the exhausted Basil plant. All we need is care, rest and some water.


  1. Beautiful observation and how positive way to look towards a simple and essential things called water.Keep up the spirit girl.You will sore very high one day as you see life in water and water within yourself.

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