Another Abnormal

Starting with 2020 came the outburst of an event that the world had witnessed never before. COVID-19 took the world by a storm. Handshakes and hugs were replaced by Namaste and fist bumps. Traveling got restricted. Industries started shutting. Common people started dying. Even the class of aristocrats started getting infected! Having a proper dinner became a blessing for many. Overall an avalanche of changes happened over the time of one year.

But since this is also the era of social media and millenial lingo, this whole phenomenon strated being referred to as “the new normal”. Kids not attending schools became new normal. Wearing a mask became a new normal. Having a shield over your head, everytime you take a flight started being called as the new normal. I however disagree with calling this whole business normal. These are nothing but consequences of our mindset which venerates ideologies of destruction of others for self prosperity. Consequences of transforming nature from being wild to making it tame.

Below are the pictures of what in reality I think is “normal” (nothing new there though) and what I believe is another addition to things being “abnormal”. As we sow, so shall we reap.

Normal: A decade or two old tree lays dead
Abnormal: A kid hidden behind a mask and a face shield


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