Shedding for 2020

2020 will always remain an infamously memorable year. The year has been difficult. Emotionally for some, professionally for others and personally for many. But like all good/bad things, it too has its end. Finally we are living in the last month of this year. Howsoever bad or difficult this year may have been for you, always remember that this year taught the world a lot. Welcome 2021 with a much more stronger version of yourself by shedding these few things as a return gift to this passing year:

  • Stop impressing everyone around.
  • Do not be scared of change. Remember the concept of impermanence. Nothing lasts forever other than change.
  • Stop living in the past. Embrace the present. This moment, this opportunity will not come again. Make it worthy.
  • Do not belittle yourself. Always be conscious of your self-talks. Because as you think, so shall you become. Love yourself.
  • Overthinking is a curse. Work hard and think rationally over your problems. If things are going bad, accept them and think of ways to overcome them.
  • Do not compare yourself with others. We may think our friends or acquaintances are running ahead of us. But when did we sign up for a race? We came to the world alone, we struggle alone, we win alone. All we can do is rejoice with all. Have gratitude for being who you are. Love your originality, achievements and shortcomings. And frankly speaking, if we all were identical, it would become really boring too!


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