Literally a Classic Year

36 years after the year 1984,

The world witnessed an event like never before.

A twist came into the life of Oliver and all,

With a question haunting “will there ever be Peace against corona War?”.

The Tempest began from the East and swept across the globe,

Dracula had finally arrived wearing a polka-dot red robe.

The dots however were no ordinary,

The pricks on its surface made it scary.

The old and wise Atticus had taught Jane not To Kill a Mockingbird,

A vaccine against this Frankenstein like virus however was to be searched by all scientists and nerd.

In a nutshell, the year has been an Odyssey for mankind.
From obsession to love, from race to calm, from Alice’s Adventures to the desire for a Wonderland,

And above all, from disappointments to hope,

With care and respect we welcome 2021’s slippery slope.

We have Great Expectations from you darling,

Enough of Brutus have hampered the business already,

It’s time for the Merchant of Venice to revisit his sailing.

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