We all know what is overthinking. There are many problems to whom we have answers and solutions. But there are also problems which do not have a physical nature but rather have more of a mental and emotional silhouette. These problems are like a bubble gum, where you keep blowing into it and the size of the bubble keeps increasing. The actual mass of the gum is the same but it looks gigantic. Similarly when we overthink, a tiny issue (gum) can take the size of a huge block (bubble) filled with nothingness.

A similar phenomenon happens in nature which is referred to as Ant Mill. Here a group of blind army ants get separated from their main foraging party, lose the pheromone track and begin to follow one another. Due to no broad and out of the box outlook and none to lead, the ants form a continuously rotating circle, which is commonly referred to as a “death spiral” since the ants might eventually die. Had one of them taken a step in other direction, they all could survive. But these are ants. They have taught us to work hard which we have learnt. Today let’s learn from them that the loop of overthinking has only darkness within it. One single step towards a new direction and a shower of light awaits. Have a great day.

Video courtesy: Twitter profile of biolocousb and Parveen Kaswan


  1. I’m one of the victims of overthinking, though it’s hard work to try and keep that issue at bay. It does hold me back though, which is why I’m thinking (hah) of addressing it. Thanks for this post!

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    1. Thank you. Most of us are fighting overthinking Stuart. We are all in this together. Just to remember is that everything, be it good or bad, will eventually pass even if we overthink or not.

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