Tiger in the Jungle

Whenever we go to a tiger reserve or a national park dedicated to an animal, all that one wishes is to see the animal in wild. But what if even after trying for hours you don’t find the animal? Does it mean you could not see it? I personally do not believe in that. Having not seen any tiger in the wild I still believe I have seen it. Sounds absurd?

You may not see the tiger but you can feel the tiger,and for some it is no less than witnessing the grandeur of the tiger in the wild.

In the Sunderbans you see the tiger through the fence placed around the protected islands. The fence makes a psychological barrier for the Royal Bengal Tiger thereby preventing it from swimming across the width of the river and making its way into the villages around. These rivers are minimum 250 m wide and can get as wide as 2 km. You see the amazing swimming ability and strength of the tiger through these net.

What a swimmer the tiger must be. Source: Internet

Next, in the Jungle you see the tiger through the pug marks. The pug marks let you know of the tiger’s movement in the wild.

The catwalk 🐾. Source: Internet

Also the best you see the tiger is through its kill. The wild nature of this predator is gruesomely elaborated through the torn apart body of its prey.

Being on top of the food chain.

Having seen these things, I believe I have seen the tiger, even when I have never seen the physical body of it. So the next time you go to any protected area, try to see the clues of the animal. I am sure you will see the animal even when you do not see the animal. Isn’t that the way we see God too? Not in places, things but in people.

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