Don’t Spit Here!! OK Whatever…

COVID-19 brought out many shades of ours out in the public. Some shades of humanity, some of compassion, some of being idiots etc. But one shade that it brought out is one of us being cheaters which some may euphemistically put as being opportunist. The indefinite closing of most schools and colleges for now almost an year, has produced so many cheaters among our students. A blatant mockery of examination has been done shamelessly. Over the year students have taken up exams where they merely send a picture of their answer sheet filled at home, and mostly copied from their textbook, to the concerned teacher. Few of the elite schools and colleges may have taken a different approach but we all must remember most of our country floats in mediocrity. And exactly this way the exams have been taken, given and judged.

Forget about teaching the concepts of various subjects to students, we miserably failed at teaching our students the importance of ethics as well. Infact most people joked about this newly acquired way of scoring in exams. We thus reinforced the concept in our masses that it is ok to cheat if done from behind a mask. It thus maybe also OK for them to do anything against rules as long as you aren’t under watch. Then be it spitting in public, to smoking at no smoking zones, to demanding and giving bribe from under the table, to just letting the country become trash. All is well as long as no one is looking.

There is a reason our leaders are so corrupt. Afterall as you sow, sow shall you reap!

हमारा नेता कैसा हो?

हमारे ही जैसा हो!


  1. I disagree maam, this reflects how our education system values only marks and from childhood that is what has been inculcated in us by our parents and teachers alike.
    If we are taught knowledge is marks and success is money, how can you expect that students won’t indulge in cheating and bribery some day?


    1. Thanks for going through the article and engaging in a dialogue Sir. There is no doubt in what you have mentioned. The point I wanted to bring was this year the cheating has not been only by the student, but collectively by their guardians too who have seen the kind of exams their wards have been giving and made jokes about it. The marks may have been scored, but this year the society collectively bolstered the fact that it is OK unless no one watches. And this will go beyond marks as it is about character building. I hope I have conveyed my point.


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