Trip to Manas National Park

मुसाफिर हो तुम भी, मुसाफिर हैं हम भी,

किसी मोड़ पर फिर मुलाकात होगी

बशीर बद्र

This weekend we went to visit Manas National Park in Assam. We drove for 4.5 hrs at a stretch, to reach Manas from Alipurduar. The national highway is of top notch quality making the journey quick and pleasant. Although, can’t say the same for the state highway to be taken at Barpeta.

Manas national park has a rich biodiversity that it graciously flaunts. We caught a glimpse of this richness through a jungle safari.

Ready for Jungle Safari
Somewhere in the Jungle

On a single day itself we could see herd of elephants, wild buffaloes, rhinoceros, bison, wild boars and cap langur. Once again the tiger was well hidden inside the Jungle, marking its presence through scratches all over the tree bark. Since the duration was short and the safari was on a continuous move, the bird sighting was very limited to birds that were highly conspicuous like barbets, green pigeons, fairy bluebird, Orioles, minivets, Jungle fowl, raptors etc.

Z+ security to the young calfs
Those horns of wild buffalo might haunt me forever
Peacock entertaining visitors
Rhino grazing almost at 100 m from the road
Herd of elephants

The trip became further more memorable at the Manas Orchid Homestay of Mr. Krishna Pathak a well mannered, hardworking and happy guy. He doesn’t offer any shiny amenities. But he offers a clean room, huge lawn, security service by a highly interactive dog (Oggy) and delicious local food.

Me and Mukesh with Krishna Ji in the centre
Manas Orchid Homestay
Simple lifestyle
Dining room
Chief Security officer: Madam Oggy
Rooms of the cottage
Adjoining lawn. The dining area can be seen in the picture
Nearby temple
Me and my mother-in-law

Overall Manas is a great place to go to, a complete drama. Highly quiet and dark in the night where you can see the stars to shooting stars, and even more engaging mornings.

The show must go on


  1. Beautiful description of Manas. I too wish to go there someday. It’s seems to be a conglomeration of rich biodiversity .


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