Corona Do’s and Don’ts: Roma version

Wash your hands regularly. For convenience you can place yourself on the washbasin itself and keep washing. Following is an example by the inventor Roma herself:

Just keep washing: Roma’s patent style

Have Vitamin C, lots of it. Enjoy it. Once the lemon has nothing more to offer, you can dump it. But how lovely it will be if we dump it in dustbin, rather than making a mess. Please consider that Miss.

Lemon can give corona a tough fight

Wear a mask. It can not be stressed enough but wearing a mask is the most effective way through which you can curb the spread of coronavirus. But it is crucial you cover your mouth and nose with it. Wearing it for fashion over your neck is not a preferred way.

Wear a mask, and wear it properly

Lastly stay indoors as long as possible or as long as you can afford. Leaving home out of boredom in the middle of the night is just not acceptable. Also there is a night curfew at most places. It will be better to spend your night at home than at the police station.

Stay indoors Roma Madam

Through these measures we can all together fight the virus. I know it is difficult but that’s what it is. Stop giving those looks Roma. We can understand you have not been able to see a free world ever since your birth last year. But trust me, it will soon get fine and you can finally become the wanderer you have been waiting to become.

It is obnoxious and unfair. But that’s what it is dear.


  1. This is super cool Aali..I am sure Roma will cherish watching it when she is mature enough to understand.Thankyou Aali mausi for setting me as and epitome of precautions during this massive pandemic of Corona virus.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cute and creative presentation. Promote it on Twitter and Instagram with more contextual tags like #covid, #waragainst covid. God bless Roma and her aunt.


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