Pride and Prejudice: Book Experience

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is a classic when it comes to English literature. The story of five sisters of an eager and ostentatious mother who desperately wants her daughters to get married well. Much to their disbelief and delight a charming young gentleman Mr. Bingley soon occupies a place to live in their neighborhood and all that one can desire is Jane to get married to Bingley. Jane is the elder sister of the five young girls of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet.

The story irrespective of being all about marriage is mainly about the second daughter of Bennet’s, Miss Elizabeth and a young and rich man perceived mostly by all as stubborn and obnoxious, Mr. Darcy. The book apart from being written with rich vocabulary where sentences are not easily comprehensible, in a way also celebrates feminism peculiarly.

Elizabeth is a girl who holds strong conviction in her virtues and thought process. Written of an era when the sole purpose of women seems to be getting married in well off families and estates, Elizabeth though doesn’t negate to the institution of marriage, also does not agree to get married only because of the families being well off. Her beliefs sometimes right and sometimes wrong or built upon false information, are strong enough for her to take a stand for herself. Only when women can take decisions for themselves based on their own intelligence can they bare the consequences of them howsoever harsh or pleasant they be.

“Her not objecting does not justify him. It only shows her being deficient in something herself—sense or feeling.”

The book also celebrates the relationship between Jane and Elizabeth. The two are each other’s confidante and support system. It is good to see women being there for women. You can buy the book from Amazon.

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