Tharoorosaurus: Book Experience

It was in 2016 that I first attended a lecture by Dr. Shashi Tharoor, live. It was on the importance of technology and original research for greater good of India. There was a lot that he discussed which I do not remember today, but there was one typical incident which has left a permanent stamp on my grey matter. A girl who was an ardent admirer of Dr. Tharoor, declared her admiration on top of her voice in the fully packed Dogra Hall of IIT Delhi. It was funny and not very civil, but most of us can understand her admiration for Dr. Tharoor who inundates with knowledge and shines with a charm like no one else. The book “Tharoorosaurus” by Dr. Tharoor is another validation of the author’s wit and passion for learning.

There are a million notes that I have taken while reading this book( I know that’s a Contronym!). There are words like Brickbat, Juggernaut, Jaywalking etc that most of us have heard and used, but the origin behind those words and the story knitted around them was hardly ever a matter of interest.

While discussing each word, Dr. Tharoor has discussed when it was first used, a story behind its origin etc. It is in these moments that you realise what a great person he is or to put it in his own style, what an epistemophillic personality he carries. From political history, to wars, to spiritual knowledge, to games, to sit-coms like Big Bang theory and Simpsons, Shashi Tharoor knows it all and meticulously.

It was overall an enriching experience to read this book. The wonderful graphics in the book are another boost to the storytelling. From young to old, kids to adults, this book is meant for all. You can buy it on Amazon. And seriously there are words used in the book where even my Kindle dictionary said “I give up! Maaf karo mujhe”.

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