Picturesque Poems: Book Experience

Most of us have in some point of our time tried our hands in creative writing. From two liner funny rhymes to full fledged profound and emotional poems, to detailed diary entries, being an artist with a pen has hit home for us one day or another. But most people do not pursue this habit. It is usually a short lived affair, a flick. I believe it is because unlike speaking about our views and emotions, it requires immense confidence, clarity and confirmation in our thoughts to write them down. Many people often ridicule some of the mainstream and popular authors. But to write down hundreds of carefully picked words and knitting them into meaningful sentences to make a fabric of story is not something for which one should be mocked. We may disagree and not engage with the concept, but the fact that the author created something for the world to read is marvelous. Today the book however which I am discussing is far from being meaningless, but infact is full of beauty, courage and deep observations.

Kavita Joshi in her maiden book Picturesque Poems, has presented twelve self-composed poems. The poems are originally written in Hindi, but have also been translated in English for the larger audience in the later section of the book. The book is like a galaxy of stars, none like the other. It is so clear from her writing that those are not merely words jotted down, but her observations inundating with rigidity as well as fluidity, both held in a balance.

Despite of being an accomplished IT professional and mother of two, she managed to compile these poems written a decade back and shaped this book from scratch to its full form. The book is a testimony to her calm and serene attitude. Truly the embodiment of the feminist this world needs, empathetic, self-made and strong. The book costs far less than the treasure it holds and infact is free to read on Kindle Unlimited. Here is the link.

हर गली, हर चौबारे, को छाना मैंने,
सोचा सफलता मिले कहीं घूँघट ओढे।
मैं व्यथित था ढूंढता रहा,
पर न सहमा,
मन में दृढ़ संकल्प लिए,
नभ की गहराई को ढूँढने,
मैं चलता ही चला।

Kavita Joshi


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