Everyone has a story to tell!

It is so wonderful to observe and listen to random people. They literally take you to a different place with there own sets of problems, experiences and questions.

Today morning, as I was sitting in an Uber cab, I was on my phone for quite a while. I was talking to my parents, and going as per my style, was telling them everything that happened with me in detail. Please give huge consideration to the word DETAIL as I literally miss nothing when I tell them about my entire day. So today while I was in the cab, I was talking about some of my friends who are going abroad. After a long chat when I kept the phone down, the cab driver asked me “Madam, you were talking about foreign countries?”. I gave an affirmative response to his query, to which he said “a few days ago I was dropping an American lady to her destination in Delhi. It was late night, and as I dropped her she wanted to give me a tip. But since she had no Indian currency at that time, she gave me this note”. With that he showed me a $20 note. He was perplexed with what to do with this. He said I asked her not to give him any tip, but she insisted and said it will be equivalent to ₹1400 in Indian currency. Hesitantly he took the money but was now really confused with how to cash the dollar. I told him from the knowledge that I have, it was not possible to exchange foreign currency without showing your passport and travel documents. He said he doesn’t have a passport. The conversation went really long and bizzare, with me telling him how things work when you go out, the immigration process etc. Finally he asked me can you take these and use when you go out the next time? I didn’t take the dollars as I don’t need it anytime soon, but just dropped him an idea that maybe next time when someone is going to the airport in your cab you can ask them instead. He found the solution helpful and practical.

Overall it was not a very exciting event, but a really random and cool interaction with an extremely humble fellow. It is nice to hear stories of random and unacquainted people. For a moment atleast it teleports you to a different scenario. Also, I will make sure I tell all this to my parents tomorrow morning along with the name of the driver 😂

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