In the past one month of staying in Jodhpur I have witnessed some distinctive features of this Sun City. This is a city that is exposed to scorching heat from 8:30 am in the morning to 6:30 pm in the evening. The heat is dry, and the plants are brown, much like the soil that spans here. The weather in general is ruthless. Yet there is an uncanny peace and beauty in this part of world. And that is displayed in everyday life. I have jotted few of them here.

Language: The Rajasthani language is extremely sweet to listen to. The way it is spoken, reminds me of a lovely melody being played alongwith. Be it the shopkeepers, office staff, neighbours, everyone here talks with such a lovely tune that I start feeling at home right away.

“ऐसी वाणी बोलिए, मन का आपा खोये। औरन को शीतल करे, आपहुं शीतल होए।।”


Food: Jodhpur can undoubtedly be said the vegetarian’s paradise. The food here is mouthwatering. There are many dishes I have liked here, but the topper is “Pyaaz ki Kachori”. I am no fan of Kachori itself, but here this food has become my favourite. Other eatables are Veg Biryani, Paav Bhaaji, innumerous types of sweet dishes, Gulab jamun curry, faluda, and what not. Forget about forts and palaces, come to Jodhpur for the food itself.

Pyaaz ki kachori 😋

Feeding the Cows: The conversation regarding cows being sacred to majority Indians particularly Hindus is not new. But only here have I seen common people paying their utmost care to them. Cows here roam around on the roads like nowhere else. And the reason is that at every 200 metres or so, there are vendors sitting on the road with fresh grass. People from all walks of life, buy bundles of grass from them and feed the cows straying on the roads. The intent is so widespread, that selling grass is a significant business here, much like selling vegetables.

Water feeders: More than food what one needs here is water to stay hydrated. Drinking not enough of water can have serious consequences here. Humans in general have their defined sources to fulfill their demand of water here. But what about the animals, the birds? For them too, here there is the much needed concern and awareness. There are small perches that are filled with water every morning for the stray animals. Pots are kept filled for the squirrels and other small animals here and there. For the birds too there are feeders all across the city. One very cute feeder that I saw in IIT was, the usage of a useless construction worker hat as a water feeder for birds. The sustainability and compassion that yellow hat brings is infectious.

110 marks out of 100 for the intent

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