The Broken Shoe

He has been sleepless since past 3 days.

Not a single customer has come to get his shoes mended.

In his 65 long years, he has repaired thousands of shoes.

The status of shoes and their conditions varied. But they all wanted to get fixed.

Things have changed now.

No one seems to mend broken things anymore.

At the first sign of trouble, things are thrown to part ways.

The sense of belongingness is limited to oneself.

In his lonely house, he looks at his faded family picture hanging on the battered wall.

“Yes, they fix nothing anymore!”, he murmurs.


  1. Beautiful concept aali … really the value of every thing is devalued…the ones who used to mend the shoes a hundred times now see weared shoes lying in the dustbin.


  2. For people who may not have got the context of the writer’s view, the broken shoes here is symbolic to present relationship status of people. Earlier when shoes used to get torn people wanted to fix them and took the effort of bringing them back to life. But now on the first sign of crack or fatigue we throw them away. Similarly earlier people used to believe in mending their relationships. But now on a single argument or little discomfort we part our ways with the relation itself, be it friends, family and couples.


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