A Day in a Mall

Two of my close friends are leaving for London in a week. To celebrate their happiness and for shopping, we went to a Mall in Delhi today. Malls are great place to be at, for 2-3 hours max though. It’s an amalgamation of colors, of fragrances, of fashion, of accents, and of funny stories. I came across many stories today and am sharing few of them here.

The first story I saw was of a family of three, mother, father and their young son of 6-7 years. The parents had taken the child to the trial room to try a pair of shirt and shorts. Kids being kids, destroying publicly the pretentious behaviour of everyone around. This boy wore the shirt and started agitating. The poor embarassed parents had to run after him while crying “pajaami to pehan le” (atleast wear your shorts first). The child had his parents on toes for sometime, from leaving his shoes in the trial room with his father knocking each room for them, to persistently asking to go to the toilet while trying his shorts. Children man!

Next I saw two men advertising and promoting Thai Spa and Massage at their counter. They had exotic oils, nice and relaxing posters, but no customers or inquirers. The men must have tried for long and were perhaps tired of the entire charade. I realised this from their despondent expressions which were absolutely ironic of what the corner proudly claimed regarding Thai massage’s magical transformational abilities. I wish each of them could become a masseuse and rejuvenate one another too for the heck of it!

After a lot of roaming here and there we at last went to a South Indian restaurant to have our lunch. The restaurant had a peaceful ambience with light Carnatic music playing in the background, natural light was coming from the glass window, food was being presented on banana leaves etc. Overall for a moment I did feel I am in Tamil Nadu. But the menu was not something we all could even collectively decipher. So we hopped into a Punjabi restaurant on the opposite corner. The moment we stepped inside, the world turned upside down. Their were 90s songs playing on a loud stereo, the natural light was replaced by bright and exquisite bulbs and shades, the walls had unique and desi posters pasted randomly. Overall it felt no less than a party. To top it all, a fellow customer did have her birthday too, and all of a sudden music started playing from the stereo even more loudly “tera happy budday, tera happy budday” by Sachin – Jigar. On just another lunch I once again admired the diversity India holds and the beauty it bares ❤️. A perfect ending to the celebratory day.

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