Mafia Queens of Mumbai: A Book Experience

In the world of men, the silent whispers of women Mafias are normally not heard. It is these whispers that have been discussed in the book Mafia Queens of Mumbai by S. Hussain Zaidi. Mr. Zaidi is a veteran journalist who has had his niche in the area of crime reporting. He has also authored a number of books that also include Black Friday which was later directed as a movie by Anurag Kashyap.

This book tells the true story of thirteen women Mafias of Mumbai that dealt with crimes ranging from black marketing, prostitution ring leaders, assassins, drug traffickers etc. The book discusses the story of each woman as a seperate chapter. It must be noted however that the author never holds any empathy or agrees with the crimes committed by these women. It is a quick read. Each story has its own narrative and the drama associated with why these women became criminals, their past circumstances, their hunger for power and determination.

The book however did not bring the chill in my spine as I expected it to deliver. The stories though described their share of drama, did not bring out the in depth layers of the characters. This probably happened because there are a lot of stories being discussed in one book itself. I wished the narrative of each woman was portrayed with more subtlety than being served on the plate, simply ready to eat.

The book does throw light towards a dark and different world and maybe the shortcoming of it being narrated in a haste is also best for the readers so as not to get disturbed. The link for the book is mentioned below. The Kindle edition of it is also available on Amazon Unlimited.


  1. This is a page turner. Author narrate book as a story. I like Ashraf Khan or Sapna Didi story of a wife who prepares to kill Dawood who was responsible for her husband’s death .

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